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  1. Hi!

    My name’s Cédric, i’m from the Bathurst area. My girlfriend and i we’re looking to find some businesses in New-Brunswick that would produce hemp hurds for a near future house project in the Acadian Peninsula. We stumbled upon your letter to Claude and Nicole : ” Appealing to New Brunswick Agriculture to Grow Industrial Hemp “. We we’re wondering if you ever found some businesses that did. hihi. The closest to New-Brunswick that we’ve found Hemp Hurd to this day is still Plain Hemp from Manitoba…

    Best regards,

    • Hi Cédric, Like you and your girlfriend, I’m waiting for industrial hemp to take off in New Brunswick. In the interim, I’ve partnered with a group of women in Ontario and Nebraska to make “Hemp Gitchies” underwear with hemp. The goal is still to find a reasonable, local source of hemp shiv in order to consistently build with it locally here in NB . Perhaps see what this company, here, offers: Warmly, Allyson

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