Hemp Bound … With Humour and Enthusiasm


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I’m having a right ‘ol romp.  It would seem that goat farmers from the mid-west are as  much fun to hang out with than an Anthroposophist discussing “The Philosophy Of Freedom.”  The latter describes my beloved husband, the former describes hemp philosopher and journalist, Doug Fine, also bound for the philosophy of freedom in a whole other way.

There’s nothing more delicious than a well-spoken individual who wholly embodies the “love of sophia” (literally the roots of the Greek “Philosophy”) in order to be the change you want to see in the world.  Modern day Gandhis are the kind of folk that jazz my world to the very nth degree.  His writing style is infectious.

As a Canadian, it rocks my boat tremendously to realize, through his words, that we Canucks actually outdid the States in a monumental way in an industry legalized here since 1998.  As of his writing in 2013 the bill was still not passed through congress to make industrial hemp legal to grow in the U.S.  It feels great to be mentor to our compatriots south of the border.

As Fine finds out over a journalistic adventure encompassing 2 years, industrial hemp holds so much raw potential.  We’ve actually become seasoned in Manitoba through hemp oil magnate Shaun Crew of Fortune 500 repute with his company Hemp Oil Canada.  Crew has taken a food loved by conscious health foodies and made a couple billion dollars from it by selling 50% of it’s oil and seed to a hungry American market.  Sadly, while dust bowl conditions literally plague the mid-western U.S., (totally unnecessarily as Fine sees it) due to a war on drugs where this innocent almost non-THC producing version of cannibis got totally marginalized over the last 70 years; only if the plant’s mother had been astute enough to give her seeming twin a different latin name.

If you read Fine’s book, you’ll find yourself laughing out loud as his philosophical hemp pundits run head-long into outdated political dogma as he tries to figure out how to free this plant, along with his truck from a Manitoba snowbank in minus 17 degrees Celsius in February.  His truck bed full of hemp paste for Anndrea Hermann’s hogs, a Missouri transplant herself with dual citizenship who obviously loves hemp enough to live in this crazy climate year round.  Meanwhile south of the border, Obama, needs to recollect some of his campaign promises towards sustainability.

In his interview with Hermann, amongst many Hemp-ites, Fine cites the fact that she’s teaching about Hemp at a Colorado University, checking THC levels in Canadian fields and also distributing Shiv for Hemp-Technologies just getting it’s footing.  Clearly, we’re going to have to be jacks of many trades until multiple players take the reins on the steep learning curve of this virginal industry.  Hemp building is just one other aspect of this remarkable plants love at second site relationship with humanity.

You’ll meet other key players who are also so hell-bent on creating an agricultural revolution with hemp, they will not only feed their hogs and chicken hemp paste (a by-product of agricultural hemp oil production) this EFA elixir from the Gods, but will wear the fibre so strong that their clothes may outlive them!  Their hemp bound posture to get this fibre to market as quickly and easily as possible to save a declining Ag. business while also save our depleted GMO raped soils. We’re all sending out tap roots to see who’s awake!

Fine takes a ride in a Mercedes Limo once owned by the Ferdinand Marcos (No, Imelda’s Shoes are not in the trunk) powered by Hemp Biofuel that needs to be specially mixed as the infrastructure for it’s full use was still at the virginal stage at the time of writing in 2013.  Did you know that you can feed 12 men for a year on one acre of hemp seed?  Did you know that the farmer who grows this voracious “weed” can generate $250,000 per acre with half the water needed by corn or soybeans?  Did you know that you can do this without any herbicides and pesticides?

I’m so excited to find out the philosophy and success we Canadians are already proving to have with this true cash crop that gives back to the environment out of an innate gesture beyond sustainability into rejuvenation.  It’s leaves sucking up a ton of CO2 (even after it’s become the wall of a home) and releasing it back as nitrogen to the soil, with it’s finger-like leaves, and its foot long taproots restoring stability to topsoil deplete fields.  This “Nebraska ditch weed” is what the declaration of independence was written on and the first US flag made from, never mind that it was grown by multiple U.S. presidents practically on the White House lawn.  No need to mow useless grass (pun intended)!

Doug Fine is a game changer with his book and his innocent awestruck path to know the true benefits of hemp as the beacon for salvation of poverty and strife for many North American farming families.  It promises to be the crop of our true salvation on so many levels.  Heck, its R-value for homebuilding, alone, blows my mind as it is ideally suited to this damp maritime climate we live in.  The capacity for multi-uses like fuelling the family shake to making the safest BMW door panels (naturally stronger than any polymer material) to lighter farm machinery that saves on bio-fuel hands down continues to leave me gobsmacked.  I can tell Fine is also more than a little blown away too.

The harder costlier part is getting in place the infrastructure to process this miracle fibre that frighteningly sets the duller blades on traditional combines on fire if one underestimates it’s strength,  This ropey twine of the future of ethical agriculture is beyond what most farm machinery can handle.  Fine’s book speaks to the how farmers will once, again, have to rally around each other to pool resources for making this May to August five foot wunderkind into a viable business like Europe, Australian and Canada already has.  We’re here for you brother.

Personally, I can already see the clear air above the petrochemical plants gasping in delight.  You combine this perfect, healthy breathable material called hemp shiv with some lime and water and you’ve got a whole happy off-grid home that lasts hundreds of years without even having to fire up the boiler to heat concrete to 300 degrees on either the Fahrenheit or Celsius scale. The shiv is just the stuff they through away, burn or use as bedding for farm animals.  Egads … please throw it this way on the next nor’wester!

The industrial age is clearly on a whole new footing, we’re “Hemp Bound” my friends, this philosophical goat farmer holds the keys to our freedom.  I’m right behind him holding the mixer.


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