She-Bear Receives Her Blessing From Sister Morningstar





Sister MorningStar is a native elder and very wise birth worker from Missouri who led the recent Womyn’s Summit that I attended in Grand Digue, New Brunswick, Canada.  I describe the magical moment of having met her her and how simply being in her presence (sleeping in the bunk below her in the same cave) had a huge impact on my personal process illuminated here in this previous blog post.

I’m not the type of woman who seeks another’s blessing, typically, in that I live and work so much in isolation in an autonomous manner.  However, She-Bear was born amongst a tribe of birth workers, as a collective in the presence of many wise women and I wanted the project to have a proper initiation and birth with a mid-wife more senior than me.  I am following a deep inspiration and intuition in this regard.

I wanted to invoke to feeling of leaning into a wise elder and Sister MorningStar was the perfect candidate.  I knew that she’d understand.  Something about her presence at the moment of my orgastic birth is instrumental in this process.  Although I don’t wholly understand it in my intellect, the feeling is that she’s anchoring me to some ancestral responsibility I’ve taken on to care for the land in my possession in a way where I rejuvenate and promote it’s health growth and strength.

What better way to honour this endowment than with a beloved native elder who witnesses many births without interference, but with wisdom, grace and reverence.  I feel safe in her care.  I feel blessed to feel her arms around me.  I feel strengthened by her experience and sweetness in the raw.  Her matriarchal love and pure spiritual nourishment.  I just felt that I needed her to witness my birth.

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