Letter to Alaina Lockhart (Liberal Elect Fundy Royal)


Dear Alaina,

I am in your Liberal riding and old enough to have asked Pierre Elliot Trudeau for his lapel rose at a rally at the Chateau Laurier a few decades back now. You see, I’d worked as a youth in his campaign. I recall a couple things about his character that still resonate with me at present. He was a man of the people, for the people and a sound representative for human rights and the Canadian Constitution. He was the Charter of Rights and Freedoms incarnate. He stayed out of our bedrooms and would never have supported insidious Bills like C-51. He did not want our sovereignty occluded by the illusions proffered by a Queen that God had already saved. It was a time for us to swell with autonomy and self-governance. We were a big nation of small population, but we were ready. With Trudeau at the helm, we could trust him as our representative and statesman to move forward into a bright future.

When he looked in my eyes, smiling into my face, that fateful moment, unabashedly proffering his rose to me, I felt a pure love and ethical centre that I’ve known in few people since; let alone in the heart of a politician! He was full of life, a natural born leader. He was opinionated, charismatic, and ballsy, protective and a true Canuck. He shone with knowledge, brilliance, character and discernment; a rare thing indeed in any human being. It is fair to say that I loved him. All of Canada did. In that moment when I gazed into his eyes, I peered into his ethical centre. I waved to him like a friend every time I drove past 24 Sussex.

Conversely, our country has taken a perilous journey since that time. It is true that I abhor big governments. Majorities in the hands of a few make me even more nervous. Since my fateful meetings with P.E. Trudeau, I’ve known few men with the integrity, genius and knowledge of economics that truly represent their people until Ron Paul, the Libertarian, a true historian and economic luminary from Texas of all places! His emergence has completely caught my breath. The concept of auditing the Fed and giving the integral power back to the people and enabling them to drive the economy naturally burgeons my hope. We all know that the debt-based Fiat economy is a sham; an abomination of each individuals creativity.

In this North American climate of change, my more feminine faith remains broken knowing that the people haven’t the health to wholly hold the charge of Libertarianism, self-governance and autonomy at this time. I’m thinking, that it will have to take a grass roots revolution in the States to provoke any real change. Perhaps read anything Ayn Rand wrote and also “The Creature of Jekyll Island” (it’s a free pdf) if you want some history behind the impulse to enslave North Americans. However, I digress.

As a result of the last decade in Canada under Steven Harper (spoken seething between clenched teeth), I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not sure I want to identify as a Canadian anymore. In fact, I’ve not voted FOR anyone since Trudeau, just strategically against the worst possible candidates. I did the same this time too. Seriously, what was the point?! If Harper got back in, this election, my plan (which is already in motion) was to repatriate to Central America setting up offshore, get my tax money and investments out of this corrupt nation being sold off to China in unethical chunks. I beyond tired of Bills being passed behind our backs, corrupt leanings, bipartisan politics and dirty back room deals. It disgusts me beyond measure. (Did I mention that I used to work for the feds years ago? Dark years for me indeed.) I hate that our peace keeping grace, internationally, is now tarnished beyond recognition. I am deeply ashamed. When I travel, I no longer where my Canadian flag as an insignia of pride on my knapsack. That makes me feel sad.

Yes, it is come to this, even though my family has been in Sussex (and Grand Lake), New Brunswick since 1789 since the Elliotts/McQuinns first landed on these shores. I kept my name through two marriages out of a sense of pride. Although I grew up and was educated in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto, I came back “home” to work with and for my beloved brethren. I’ve hired a small slew of local New Brunswick women to help run our international natural health clinic, publishing house and natural building collective (shebearconstruction.com) over the last 6 years since I’ve been back. We’re thriving here! We’ve promoted lots of natural home births, helped folks with their chronic ills and provided many jobs. Heck we’ve even helped other want-to-be local authors publish their own books.

I attributed it all to the fact that my husband and I are self-starting, self-governing individuals who abhor hand outs. My kids are brilliant, self-educated homeschoolers. We’ve written 13 books, some best-sellers, and consult with our patients worldwide. Because of the passing of that fateful, rose, I learned to become an emblem of integrity and true Canadian grit. I am the essence of myself! I could have easily taken my family to BC and Alberta, a much more progressive climate, but we came east, against a tide of escaping Maritimers, to see what we were made of. Pierre Elliott taught me to grab your inner gumption and git ‘er done in the face of tradition and social adversity.

My husband is from Laval, QC, but he and I both love the people and landscape here. We also LOVE a challenge. Living out West, for us, would have been WAY too easy given our state of mind and work. We love being agents of change! Also, rush hour, here, is laughable. I also love to hike by the ocean. NB is an untapped jewel of beauty and charm. Grand Manan my go to place for healing, writing and self-reflection. We own acreage over on the Kingston Peninsula where we are starting a teaching centre for people (mostly women) to come learn how to build off-grid solar/wind homes out of hempcrete and strawbale.

We’re not about sustainability, we’re about permaculture and rejuvenation! That is the impulse that we bring to all that we hold sacred. The petro-chemical giants, around these parts, will phase out, naturally, it is not sustainable and it is NOT the way of the future. Every home in Germany is now powered off-grid by the sun! Pipelines and fracking (change 2 letters and you’re closer to the truth) are unethical practices of old-boys networks that marginalize our crown land and native holdings and their (our) peoples. It is not ethical to destroy our water table, our health or steal aboriginal peoples lands. I am “idle no more!” It also isn’t ethical to leave 1,000 murdered native women, and their bereft families, devoid of love, care, compassion or answers. I will not live in a land of seeming unethical cleansing especially where world health organizations know more about our dirty business, demanding a full investigation while we sit “Conservatively” and idly by. I am deeply ashamed.

There is little in the way of international vision in New Brunswick. Many folks outside this province think of it as the land that time forgot. Friends who’ve left to go to Alberta and Ontario tell me that New Brunswick feels like one big “Kings Landing” sucking on the teat of what ever Ottawa throws down east in the way of bones and benefits. We’ve been in this hobbled state of mind since the fishing/local farmers industries collapsed. We’re pathetically a province of hand-out recipients who abhor change with undertones of bigotry and racism. I’m not proud, and I’m not like my ancestors. I have changed and I will follow Gandhi’s maxim to “be the change you want to see in the world” just like Pierre Elliott did.

The trouble is that many Gandhi-like folk land on these shores, now, flavouring our traditional Maritime landscape with change, great food, self-motivation and education. Sadly, the bigotry and unfriendliness often drives these innovators away, up, into the more accepting urban, upper Canadian cities with the capacity to blend in racially and culturally. I detest that we only wave to white, fleshy people with Scotch red hair and Irish blue eyes. I am ashamed. Pierre Elliott mentored me differently.

In a couple of weeks, I leave Canada longterm for the first time in my life. Now that my children have grown and have left home, I can be a digital nomad working remotely to run my business via Internet and Skype. From a distance, I will ruminate on my choices. Do I resonate with Canada and her majority government? Likely not. Will the past wreckage and carnage be undone? Perhaps. Will I feel empowered to continue the work we’ve begun in the last 6 years in NB? Is this the right geography for me to fully become my essential self, to be fully actualized as an ethical and righteous human being within the construct of a Canadian identity? The answer 4 days out of this past election, is … I simply just don’t know.

Right now the more easy beach breezes, solar off-grid home, and high speed internet calls to my more than mid-life bones. I’ve worked full-time since I was 16 (orphaned tragically by both parents), completing an honours BA, a medical degree and post graduate study. For the first time in 52 years I’m solvent without student loans crushing my spirit even though this country was supposed to be built on the mandate of FREE education to all (reference to Natural Persons and the serial number on the back of each and every Birth Certificate). I’ve tirelessly researched, written and published 13 books as an Indie writer with not a cent of support from outside sources. Perhaps it is time to hand over the reigns/reins to my own beloved children while I live offshore. You see, I just don’t know. I’m not feeling it.

As you go forward, please think of me. Although, we come from the same town we are different and yet the same. We are entrepreneurial women who love our children, husbands, our Province, our Country, integrity and the truth. Please do not forget that I am who you represent … in the name of God and the essence of the rose.

Allyson McQuinn
DHHP, Diploma Homeopathy Heilkunst Program, JAOH, Post Graduate Journeyman in Anthroposophical Orgonomic Physical and Medical Heilkunst
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