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Dearest Kate,

Please let me thank you again for taking my leaking ship with little navigation and wholly pointing it in the right direction. I’m on fire with ideas after your talk. Pieces fell into place for me in ways that I’d never imagined.

I’ve spent the rest of this weekend healing from having felt lost in a building forest without the right resources for many years. This is SO the piece, in conjunction with the feeling of full actualization in this domain, of my life that I’d craved and I’m so excited that it came in the form of you and your spirited knowledge!

It is really all that I can think about; a collective of women, spreading clay, mixing hempcrete, making artful mosaics with glass, river rock floors, cob ovens, wood cook stoves, lofts with a view, etc. I’m on fire with ideas!

I started putting together some way we might solidify our presence with regards to how we might form a collective, beginning with a series of workshops. What do you think about:

She-Bear Construction:
Natural, Affordable Homes Built For Women By Women. We’re a group of Maritime Canada birth-workers, healers, naturo-therapists and physicians who’ve formed a collective in order to help teach building practices for natural, breathable homes out of hempcrete and straw bail. We feel that every woman, and her partner, should have a healthy, beautiful, sustainable home of her own in beautiful surroundings to live in and also raise her family in if she so chooses.

I was thinking of putting together a Kickstarter campaign today to raise money for business planning and materials for the 1st prototype. As mentioned, we also have access to 17 acres of natural materials on the property where our 2 acres is also located.

I spoke to my friends (Marla and Diane) of 30 years last night, who own the balance of the acreage and they’re also excited to participate. They’re also keen to purchase an additional 49 acres above our own land with a kickstarter campaign of their own. They’re also eager to further build an eco-off-grid community, including barns for livestock, so the opportunities are endless.

I’d also like to have you and Marie Cuomo come and do a fundraiser, house party/info-session, by performing to raise money for the coming projects as well. Perhaps we can combine it with viewing the property and looking at what we have in the way of natural building resources with your partner if he’s also interested.

The other piece is that I’d like to eventually put together a grant to be able to fund the $220,000 to buy the hempcrete separator for the grower in PEI. Elizabeth came up with this idea on Saturday.

It is my very deep love and goal to help create a community of natural, sustainability for the long-term and help our maritime women (and men too) live in breathable, resonant home to raise they’re beloved families in. My hope is that we can merge into a matriarchal cooperative, with our men in loving support, and change the face of how we view traditional house crafting in Maritime Canada.

My very warmest,


P.S. It would be cool, too, to ask Kirsten Dirksen at “Fair Companies” (https://www.youtube.com/user/kirstendirksen) to come shoot a documentary of our collective and our build(s). Also, I would like to shoot stills as we go through this process and also write a book about our collective enterprise as we build. What do you think?

My heart is so humbly broken open and beaming with love and joy for finding you and connecting our dreams and hearing this inspiration pouring out of you! Everything you laid out resonates with me deeply, and I’m so moved and inspired by it. I would be honoured to work with you on this vision, to raise funds, to run workshops, to form a collective of women builders from the dynamic community around us. I would love to come see your property and explore your vision for it with you. And the thought of a hemp processor in the Maritimes makes me want to do a backflip! I’m so inspired by your initiative and want to help in any way possible. I’m still at Nat’s cottage until Wednesday, taking another course with a midwife from the U.S. I get back to Halifax Thursday and would love to connect with you and talk about what to do first! Oh my goodness! I’m so excited and so thrilled to have crossed paths with you.
I was so moved by your workshop as well and really would like to explore Heilkunst more deeply. Another talk, another time. We’re connected now!!!! When would be a good time for you to chat more?

Thank you so much for this. My heart is on fire.


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Woot! Woot!

I have a list of women forming in my head that I think would be interested in being part of the collective. Can I start to share the info, or do I need to hang tight until things are more solidified?

– Diane